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The 1st protective cover for the bike …

… made from salvaged nylon waste.

Protects not only your bikes, but also the environment.
Environmental protection as simple as never before!

the good jack!

Since we are also privately the environment and the animals very close to our hearts, it was natural for us, even with a protective cover for the bike, to go a sustainable way. Therefore, we use for BIKEJACK exclusively a recycled & environmentally friendly fabric, so as not to consume further resources and even contribute to saving the oceans. ♥

recycled fabric

Our stretch fabric is made from recycled material. An innovative regeneration process transforms what was once waste into new raw materials.
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The BIKEJACK fabric has been awarded the ÖKOTEX-100® certificate and is therefore free of harmful substances.
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We do not use an environmentally harmful fluorocarbon coating! Learn more >


We avoid unnecessary plastic and filling material during packaging. Make the test.

Türkiser Stoff locker drapiert

recycled fabric

Our stretchable BIKEJACK protective cover for the bike is made of over 75% recycled material. An innovative regeneration process rescues waste that pollutes the earth and transforms it into a new source of opportunity. Fishing nets make up about 10% of marine debris and about 46% of the “Great Pacific garbage patch.” Volunteer divers collect so-called ghost nets that could otherwise become deadly traps for marine life. In addition, nylon waste and textile production waste that would be destined for disposal are collected and turned into a new yarn. This yarn has the same properties as nylon made from virgin raw material. In addition, this nylon has the potential to be recycled indefinitely without losing quality.

Nahaufnahme eines türkisen Fischernetzes im Sonnenlicht

“Cycle means future”


Our fabric has been awarded the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® label. This ensures that the BIKEJACK fabric has been tested for harmful substances and is therefore harmless to health. Click here to go to OEKO-TEX® Webseite >

Nahaufnahme einer blauen Wasseroberfläche

“With more transparency into a sustainable future.”


In order to make fabrics water and dirt repellent, they are usually treated with an environmentally harmful fluorocarbon coating. We do without it! Our BIKEJACK protective covers for the bike are treated exclusively with an innovative and environmentally friendly textile coating. Guaranteed FC-free!

Wassertropfen auf der wasserabweisenden Fahrradhülle


We try to minimize waste in all aspects. Our shipping packaging is environmentally friendly, plastic free and made from recycled cardboard.

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