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Saefty Instructions


The BIKEJACK bike covers, are made from high quality fabrics and mateials, are water repellent and very durable.

With careful handling, you will enjoy it for a long time.

Please note the following tips and hints:

  • A maximum speed is indicated on the bike carriers, which should not be exceeded. Air resistance increases with speed, and exceeding the permissible speed could exert too much force on the BIKEJACK bike cover. Therefore, be sure to adjust your speed to the road conditions, wind speed and the load you are carrying. If possible, drive at a lower speed (-20 km/h) than allowed for your bike carrier (see the instructions for your bike carrier). The speed of the vehicle must always be adapted to the load carried and the current driving conditions, such as road type, road quality, wind conditions, traffic intensity and applicable speed limits.
  • Check your bikes mounted on the bike rack before each ride to make sure the cover and bikes are properly mounted.
  • Watch out for any sharp objects on the bike rack and bikes. Sharp objects can damage the BIKEJACK bike cover. Be sure to pad and/or additionally secure all sharp edges and places (quick release skewers, brake levers, handlebars, etc.) to make the BIKEJACK bike cover last longer.
  • Use pedal or in case handle bar covers to prevent damage to the bike cover or bike.
  • The zippers of the bike cover should not touch the frame of the bike.

  • Protect your BIKEJACK bike cover from mechanical shocks caused by other hard or sharp objects.

  • Pay attention to the dimensions of the bikes on the carrier, otherwise low branches, bridges and parking garages could endanger the load.

  • Use BIKEJACK bike covers only on rear bike racks to avoid air resistance.

  • Only rear bike racks can be used where the bikes are securely fastened in an upright position (vertical).

  • Any load will affect the handling of the vehicle. Never ride with locks, knobs or racks open or unlocked.

  • Avoid gravel roads and rough terrain. Larger rocks can damage not only the cover, but your bikes as well.

  • Be aware of local laws. Additional license plates and/or tail lights may be required.

  • Do not exceed the allowable load capacity.

  • Remove the BIKEJACK bike cover from the bikes when not in use or before going to a car wash.

  • Be sure to keep the BIKEJACK bike cover away from hot exhaust pipes.

  • Do not use your bike cover for purposes other than those for which it was designed.

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in damage to the product, your car, the bikes and the bike rack!

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